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"You can develop winning behaviors and realize your dreams." Dr. Kassorla

What do you consider to be winning? Is it success in your career, sports or artistic achievements? Or is it richly enjoyable relationships with your loved ones? Whatever your personal dreams may be, it really is possible to transform them into reality. Everyone has the power within them to:

   -Learn positively from initial failures.

   -Alter their life for the better.

   -Transform losing patterns into winning skills.

   -Increase vital feelings of self-esteem.

Happiness and success are contagious.Now you can make them happen to you. Experience the joy of winning as you reach for your goals!

                                        "Enlighteneing and interesting" Publishers Weekly

"A mundane sex life can be compared to a frozen TV dinner: It will keep you alive but it's not a gourmet banquet served in a posh restaurant." Dr. Irene Kassorla

After reading Nice Girls Do, you will understand how to:

   -Accept your sexual feelings as normal and healthy as you make your sex a joyously     positive experience.
   -Become more creative and spontaneous during sex.
   -Your sexual hopes and fantasies can become living realities.
   -Talk and have fun during sex, using the intimate language of sensuality - the language of     love.
   -Free yourself from your childhood negative conditioning and feelings of guilt, inadequacy     and self-doubt.
   -Tap into your dormant sensual reserves, while developing and expand your sensuality.
   -Work with your partner, sharing your sexual fears and anxieties.
   -Enjoy an active, vital life -- and experience complete sexual satisfaction.

                                        "Dr. Irene Kassorla: She's the new Sensuous Woman" 
                                                                                   New York Daily News

Dr. Irene Kassorla says outrageously honest things!

"We often pull back from each other because getting close can be really frightening."

"Start communicating and stop blaming!"

"Stop flying blind and guessing what your partner needs and wants. Instead, ask him!

"Many of us don't dare let ourselves love completely because of our fears of abandonment."

"The hardest words for troubled sex partners to say are: "I want.'"

Can You Say Honestly What You Feel?

Frigidity, impotence, overeating, overdrinking, sarcasm and even physical illness are often the result of our inability to tell others our feelings: our desires, our worries and our anger. Dr. Kassorla's book is filled with practical suggestions and easy-to-do exercises that will help you to improve your career, inter-personal and love relationships

                     "Practical psychological help through a combination of
                                                                                              modern techniques and ancient wisdom."
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